Butt Fugly Xmas Lighting Disaster

Introduction: Butt Fugly Xmas Lighting Disaster

About: artist, producer. semi handicapped, visually impaired.

many lights, many colors, dancing to disco music primarily. daily changes and patterns, colors. public display to please the tacky pallet. along with a dancing light jacket or two.

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Step 1: Find a Color of Everything in Led or Incad Lighting.

has videos of my work in progress, this is a year long project with much more to add.

isn't sure if it will be a success. especially the complimentary jacket set which hopefully will be operated by a chip set to music. ? the balcony is already set to music but it's a primitive system.

my goal is to have as many colors and lights as possible so the sequence, color ranges will not repeat for at least a 3.3 week period (to date that is it may change) and not blow out a main fuse.

this is an apartment also which is a complexity too, i'm very limited.

is also thinking of a bubble machine also to add, unsure though if it will be dmx'able.

Step 2: Another and Another

the balcony will look crappy but for each month i'll add the color that the month may represent. ie: jan-white (winter it snows ok so it's white)

feb: red (that's very evident)

march: blue and green, just green alone blows. and these two will be in a sequence using two light controllers for now. one will be controlling the january sequence.. the reds from feb will be controlled by a older 3 channel controller from december's light fury. then march (blue and green setup) will be controlled by one box, hopefully two but due to funding that may have to hold until summer when there will be at least 3 more patterns added. july of course will be red, white (already there) then the blue.. in a sequence along with well sparklers i can't have fireworks.

august i'm hoping for something orange or amber. (probably led, which is real nice looking in orange)

sept? orange, amber, gold?

oct, orange and purple, with black lighting and well fog machine is tricky the steam will look like smoke to some and i may not be able to do that.

nov, that month is set up for the remainder for xmas. and hopefully another dmx controller or a better setup will come. along with 2 sets of palm trees equalling up to 6 trees, in two pairs of 3's. they will be set up alone to 'dance' among one another to music or programmable sequences.

the rest? i'm not sure what is to come of this display, and there's always the threat where i may have to remove all that hard work.

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    2 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    CONSTRUCTIVE criticism- Use punctuation in your describing of your instructable; it makes it a lot easier to read. Cool idea too!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    LOL. Love the title! In my family we leave the lights up all year, they're festive and provide easy-on-the-eyes light for the deck at night. I don't know about every possible color of LED though....