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Dress up your dog with an adorable necktie. Making your own is super easy and a great way to make your canine a distinguished dog.

These hilarious doggy neckties are made from easily found materials, and can be made in an afternoon. Whether it's for an important business meeting, or just looking dapper, your pet will look super sharp.

Bark, bark, woof? Let's make!

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Step 1: Supplies

I found old ties at the Thrift Store for $1 each. The collars were discounted at my local pet store, probably becasue this particular pattern wasn't selling.

You probably won't even have to go to the store, as I had extra ties and dog collars at home.

Step 2: Size Collar

Before sewing you will need to size the collar to your dog. I determined a loose fit, then added a little extra room to allow for new fabric to be sewn around the collar and still not be too tight.

Step 3: Cut Tie

For this dog tie you'll need to cut your donor tie in 2 places. First look at the tail end of the tie and determine the length of tie for the size of your dog, for the large golden retriever in the intro photo I estimated a tie section of about 12 inches. Knowing I needed to make a knot at the top of the tie section I added another 6 inches of fabric to the length, then cut.

I lay the remaining tie fabric along the collar and cut the tie slightly longer than the collar length. This will be the fabric that will wrap around the collar.

Step 4: Open Tie Stitching

For the section of tie fabric that covers the collar I clipped the tie stitching and opened up the tie. On most ties there's an additional piece of stiff fabric that forms a structure for the tie, I chose to remove this extra fabric as it's not needed one the tie fabric is wrapped around the collar.

Step 5: Sew Around Collar

Wrap the tie fabric around the collar with the fabric edges overlapping on the inside of the collar.

Using thread of roughly the same colour the tie fabric was sewn closed around the collar. At the section where the leash clip is attached the tie fabric was carefully cut at the edges to wrap around the metal leash clip. I didn't account for enough tie fabric and needed to cut an additional piece of tie to cover from the leash clip to the end.

If there's any bunched fabric in your sewing it can be easily cleaned up by stitching any loose ends.

Step 6: Fold Tie Knot

For these dog ties I made a faux knot.

This description might be confusing, the animated GIF will make things clear.

  • Lay the tie tail flat on your work surface. Fold down the top 6 inches of the cut end of the fabric under the tie, 90 degrees with the cut end facing to the right.
  • Bring the cut end over the fold, the cut end will now be facing to the left.
  • Fold the cut end down 90 degrees underneath itself, ensuring this fold is about a 1/2 inch away from the tail of the tie.
  • Fold the entire left-hand section underneath the tail section of the tie creating a tidy stack.

Step 7: Sew Knot

Pinch the fabric to stop it from coming undone, then sew a few stitches into the back of the tie knot to secure it.

Step 8: Shape Knot

To give this flat knot some shape the bottom of the knot can be squeezed together, this will add some depth and bulk to the knot.

Sew a few stitches from either side of the bottom of the knot to bring the sides together and help keep the knot shape.

Step 9: Attach Knot to Collar

The main elements of the dog tie are now complete, all that's left if to do is attach the tie to the wrapped collar. I located the tie knot across from the leash clip, that way the tie will always hang downwards if the leash is attached.

I sewed a few stitches from the backside of the knot to the collar and tightened the threads. I made enough of a sewn connection to hold the tie in place, but I deliberately left it loose enough so that the threads could break if the tie ever got caught in something.

Step 10: Who's a Good Dog?

Find your Fido and get them all ready for their next super important business meeting, with their very own dog tie!

There's so many terrible and tacky ties that could be used for this, so empty out your closet or raid the Thrift Store to see what treasures await.

Special thanks to the doggie models: Stella (audreyobscura's black PitChow-mutt), Lyric (danger is my middle name's Golden Retriever) and my little MinPin-mutt, Elsie

Have you made your own dog tie (or pet tie)? I want to see it!

Happy making :)



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Cute could you make on that easier though please thx


3 years ago

Thanks for the instructables! i just made one too, but its a clip on.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the instructables! i just made one too, but its a clip on.


3 years ago on Introduction

THIS IS THE KIND OF CONTENT I SGNED UP FOR. A+ instructable, A+ dogs, A+ ties.


4 years ago

Dude. My dog needs this. Awesome idea... And nice models