Double-knot Shoe Tying in a Flash




Introduction: Double-knot Shoe Tying in a Flash

This instructable can be very helpful to those who waste too much time tying their shoes, or feel that their laces are always coming un-done. My friend JD is an expert at lightning fast double-knot shoe tying, and he's about to show you how its done.

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Step 1: Pull Laces Tight

making sure they are even in length before you start tying...

Step 2: Cross Laces

by feeding the left lace under the right lace using right thumb and index finger

Step 3: Pull Tight

and while doing prepare each index finger and thumb to make a loop with the remaining loose ends of the laces

Step 4: Like This.

this is the trickiest part of this technique and perhaps what makes it so effective. the key is to manage both laces at the same time which takes a little bit of practice

Step 5: Next Cross Those Loops Left Over Right

making sure they stay together

Step 6: Fold the Left Loop Under, Around, & Under Again.

basically you want to make a double-knot, so the loops have to be crossed twice and then..

Step 7: Pull As Tight As You Like.

enjoy. practice makes perfect. when you get it you'll see that this technique is the quickest and most efficient for keeping your shoes tied. great for hikers!

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 7

    Is there an easy to do up someone's shoes as I've got DAMP syndrome so I've got basic motor skills and I need to tie someone else's shoe's up so how?