Draw Expressions (^_^)




hi this instructable is to help artists who draw manga and do not know about inking.
Just look at the before and after,and you will see why inking is worth the effort.  

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Step 1: Tools

pencil, i just use a #2 pencil, it just needs to be light enough to erase easily 
black pin, i use a pilot, precise V5 rolling boll extra fine but your favorite pin is fine 
music, it helps 
up beat music = happy expressions 
sad music = sad expressions 
for me at lest..

Step 2: Something Easy

Here's something easy to start with.With a pencil,draw a simple face. Eyes, mouth, nose............
After that ink the pencil line's.
After the ink dries, run the eraser over all of the drawing 


Step 3: Monster.inc

Here's a easy monster face, it's not part of the lesson but it's cool 

Step 4: And a Weird Face

this face is inspired by a anime/manga  called Mushishi it's a cool show........so it's simple but cool 

Step 5: Surprised Face

this one is fun and easy

Step 6: Surprised Old Face

now take the surprised face and make it old 

Step 7: It's a Cat......or a Hamster?

like the title i do not really know what it is 

Step 8: Suspicious

a suspicious face 

Step 9: A Classic Face Kind Of

this is a face

Step 10: This Is a Funny Face

well, think it is funny

Step 11: Last One

so this is the last one 

Step 12: The End

so i hope you liked this instructable... this is my first one so sorry if it was not that good or not good at all but i hope to improve with  my next one. so thank for reading and have a nice day 



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