EBaked Gingerbread House With LEDs and Conductive Thread




get eBaked in 2012!

giving thanks, praise and respect for all of the innovative minds that spark my brainwaves.
Wishing you all fresh baked cookies, humming studio spaces and illuminated inspirations for 2012!!

Now... into the kitchen to bake up some electronics!

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Step 1: Draft House Plans and Wiring Diagram

sketch out your plans and draft the templates

Step 2: Gather Supplies

house plans and wiring diagram
house templates
conductive thread
royal frosting
sturdy building foundation

Step 3: Create LED Circuits

Bend leg of LED and knot conductive thread on the loop.

Step 4: Carve the House and Install Electronics

Cut your house template out of gingerbread dough
Following your wiring diagram press conductive thread and LEDs into the dough

Step 5: EBaked

after cooling test your circuits

Step 6: Build the House and Connect Circuits

using royal frosting recipe build your house.
At 'junction boxes' - tie conductive thread together.
Use props to hold the house together while the frosting sets.

Step 7: Power On!

tape a 3V battery to the thread ends and Power On!

Wishing you a Happy NewYear!
May you all have a rule breaking haven to house your innovative minds and projects!

more eBake pics and eTextile projects can be found on my website lbruning.com



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    Indeed, it was an experiment fraught with potential fail.
    I was impressed that the icing encrusted conductive thread functioned.

    I never considered using conductive thread in a gingerbread house.
    Thanks for the idea, I think I'll use it for my next house!

    1 reply