Introduction: EBq DIY BBQ Grill

how to make the BBQ grill!!!



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    I like the idea, but what I would to is, instead of bending the coat hanger like that, I would make sticks out of the coat hanger and poke them through the cap of the tin, that way you have more room in the storage area of the tin for fuel.
    Also, what I would think to be interesting, maybe two or more altoids tins put together to make one large grill, so you can grill bigger things like burgers on them.

     can some one tell me what the e stands for in ebq 

    Love the grill! Actually it inspired my own made from an Altoids Sours tin, fan guards from a broken computer power supply, and a few nuts and bolts. It can fit a whole briquette because it sits on the lower grill. The lid goes underneath to catch any ashes that fall through.

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    I don't know what the little coil that looks like a spring is. can you please explain?

    Is the Altoids tin actually made of tin or is it some other metal? I would be worried about what may transfer to foods at cooking temperatures.

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    It probably isn't food grade, but this is more of a novelty item than a permanent kitchen appliance.

    I have an thought. If you put this in your pocket, the charcoal will get all over your pocket. hence, it's not that portable. how about you don't cut a large box. just open it and then grill! if you can't understand what I said (wrote) here: leave the lid ALONE! just cut a hole.

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    do you need that heat coil if you have no dice or whatever else could be there?

    hey wat do u uze to power dat thing???charcoal???candle? both?????