Hanging Shelf

Introduction: Hanging Shelf

HI, this is my very first instructable. :D
So i hope you guys like it and please, do not make the same mistake iĺl make.  :( iĺl show you whant im talking about in a minute, hehe. 
Ok, letś start with the list of things you may need to make this hanging shelf.

Wich must be step number 1. 

Step 1: The List.

4.wood, lots of wood, for this shelf i use 3 planks.
5. tape measure.
6. power drill;
7. 8 wall plugs
8. 8 eyebolts
9. 8 chains
10. paint (all you wanted, is up to you)
11. paintbrush 
12. security stuff, glass, gloves, mask. 

Step 2:

well the first thing you need to do is to measure the place where you are going to put the shelf. One you have the size you need, you may need to cut the plank to get the specific size. 
if you wonder about the wood briks on the picture, i get them by itself from old pallets, the give it to me very chep, like a few cents for each one of them, i pay like 2 dollars for all of them. 

now, we need to make a holes in the wood, those holes will be made with the power drill and will be the spot were the chain will go and support our shelf. so it is important that you make sure both have the right size and the chain can go throw easy. 

in order to make the holes with the same space iĺl put all tables together and use the power drill with all at the same time. Sometimes it didnt work for all of them so i use one thats already done to keep same size. 

Step 3:

Ok once we have the right size, and we make the holes in it we need to sand all wood.
now, this will take a long time, i do suggest to use the sander cuz if you do it manually, it will take you forever, but is up to you... ALSO.. is very very important that you have a good place to put the wood when your about to sand, and this place should be firm.. also very important to use shoes when you work like that,. i wasent use shoes and i was just holding the wood with my hands and i have an accident and well we dont want this accident to happend again hehe..

Step 4:

ok, now we can paint the wood. 
Use your imagination, you can do what ever you want here.. 
so, break free and become a little bit crazy, is your time, enjoy ^.^
so, while we wait for the paint to dry, we can start with the roof. 
We're going to use the power drill again, and make some holes in the roof, then you will put the wall plugs on it and the eyebolts.. 
once they firm place into the roof, you will need to lock the chains to the eyebolts. for that i use a locks, but use your imagination. anyways, remember that is very important that the chains are very firm cuz the chains will hang our shelf!! 

Step 5:

ok, by this time the chains must be hanging already and we already have all the wood we're going to use, so this is the time, we need to solve the last part of the puzzle which is actually to put all together.. iĺl do it by myself, but it should be way easy if some one help you. 
What do i do is to put first the last parts of wood and then put a nail in the chain to hold the wood, once we have all the wood we need on it, and you secure the bottom with some lock, then we can remove the nails and we finally have our hanging shelf. :D
I hope you enjoy the time making this hanging shelf. 
if you have any questions, just let me now. :D and I'm sorry, English is not my first language so if you don't understand something
please let me now. 

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