Hi Guys This Is How I Made My Mark 1 Hemet I Dint Really Click Pictures of It But I Followed This Guy on How He Made His.

things you will need
eva foam
heat gun
pen/marker(to mark and draw)
normal paper cardboard (to make templates)
scissors/knife (to cut)
glue gun /glue sticks
bondo/wall cement

Step 1:

first make a template you can use paper or thin cardboard to make a template
then stick everything together to see if it fits and if u like it

Step 2:

then when your happy with it trace it on your foam
to bend the foam you can use wire glued on to it or you can also use the heat gun slowly to mould it

Step 3:

then cut out the holes for the eyes and a small slit for the mouth
do the same at the back

Step 4:

if you want to make it open like the picture down below then use a door hinge and bondor over it

Step 5:

and then your finish have fun with it  you can also do this same tecnic by making the armor



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