Home Made Pinball Machine

Introduction: Home Made Pinball Machine

To make a pinball machine you will need a thick peice of rectangular�ply wood , a small 2x4,�lots of rubber bands,lots of nails,duct tape,2 bolts,a marble,and a pipe not much bigger than your marble.

Step 1: Making the Walls

For the walls you will need to place the nails in the wood to streach the rubber bands between.

Step 2: Making the Hitters

For the hitters you will need to take your bolt and cover it in duct tape,them put a nail between the boalt and the other nail so that it can move freeley.

Step 3: Puting the Rubber Bands on the Hitters

next you will need to wrap a rubber band around the rear or the hitter,then run it to the bottam of the board and wrap it around a nail.

Step 4:

next take your pipe and a pice of 2x4 and tape it down to make the  starter.

Step 5:

last take your 2x4 and nail it to the boatom of the board to make a slant [you can add more wood to the bottom to make the game harder]

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    The nerdling
    The nerdling

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    it was realy good but then i needed the rubber bands