Homemade Fishing Rod




a home made fishing rod

Step 1: The Things You Will Need:

1. a long piece of wood should be thin

2. sports rap

3. a type of paperclip look in the pic to see what it is

4. hot glue gun

5. needle nose pliers

6. an old fishing rod real

7. tackle box with a bobble and hook and waits

Step 2: Gluing the Paper Clip to the Rod

step 1:fold out the paperclips like in the first pic

step 2: glue the paperclips to the wood rod like in the second pic

Step 3: Attaching the Real

step 1: hot glue the real to your wood rod

Step 2: rap the sports tap around i like in third pic

Step 4: Putting Your Tackle on Your Line

step 1: grab your tackle box

step 2: tread your line through the paperclips on your wood rod

step 3: attach the bobble to the line

step 4: put the waits on the line so you can cast

step 5: tie the hook to the end of your line

Step 5: Finish Product

  • have fun fishing



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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Haha KentR2 "As much action as a fat man on a recliner"


    4 years ago

    It's called a bobber not a bobble and also it's so thick, a grouper couldn't bend that and it's reel not real but I give you credit for trying


    4 years ago on Introduction

    first off its reel not real, second that rod has as much action as a fat man in a recliner, third any fish that you actually care about will pull off the eyelets fourth the unsanded wood will cut fishing line when it really counts, and that's just what i can tell from the last picture.


    4 years ago

    I like how you used the binder clips as eyelets for the line. Keep the projects coming!