Homemade Fruit Picker

Introduction: Homemade Fruit Picker

I have some fruit trees, but sometimes the fruit is just too tall to we catch it by hand. The other way was shake the tree so that the fruit falls, but that ruins the fruit, specially if is a sensitive fruit, so, I came up with this idea to catch the fruit. I had already seen them for sale, but they cost as much as a whole box of fruit, so, I decided to make my own.
I only used:
an old tuna can (the medium sized round ones, about 400grams or 14oz)
a stick (for the handle. Mine was about 2 meters long or 80 inches and was thin bamboo so, it's light and strong)
a long nail,
a clear plastic bag

Step 1: The Assembly

1st step - modify the can
2nd step - put the bag
3rd step - mount in the handle

To modify the can you must:
first make a cut in the side like in the photo,
then remove the bottom (don't remove the metal ring around like I did, just cut the bottom)
make a hole in the opposisite side of the side cut the size of the nail.

To the bag I just put it in the can and glued with tape.

Now pass the nail throw the hole and open a hole in the tape and the bag.

Grab the handle, put the can's nail on it and glue with tape.


Step 2: How to Use

The fruit picker couldn't be easier to operate, just put the fruit in the can with the stick in the cut, pull it and the fruit will fall to the bag, not damaging itself.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    need a picture of the nail through the wood and can