Homemade Mouse Trap ( Cheap and Easy )





Introduction: Homemade Mouse Trap ( Cheap and Easy )

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this is the lowest costing mouse trap you could possiblly make. it doesnt hurt if it snaps on you.

what you need:
a minimum of 3 rubberbands
an altoids tin

Step 1: Making It

this is the easiest thing you counld make on instructables.

put the rubberbands around the CLOSED altoids tin. put them equaily apart. open the tin

Step 2: The Trickiest Part

open the tin. push the lid down past its point a little bit. it will be a bit trick to get set. once its done, it should stay open untill...

P.S. dont forget to put food in it...

Step 3: SNAP!!!!

when something goes to get the food, it has to mess with the rubberbands. this sets of the trap.



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    A can (coffee can, etc) or medium bowl half full of water is another easy and cheap trap. A pinch of peanut butter or any other yummy something that will float will be good bait, although my unbaited traps have been very successful. The container needs to be at least 6 inches tall, with at least 4 inches of water that is at least 2 inches from the top - so the rodent can't touch the bottom or reach the rim. You can use a tall (5 gal) bucket with no water, but need to arrange things around it to allow the rodent to climb - they will jump the last few inches, so don't give them a way to check where they're leaping into. Don't worry if you catch more than one - they will eat each other until there's only one. Gruesome, but practical - you don't want this where you can hear the ick. a basement or utility room with a door is a good place for this one.

    Awesome thanks a bunch man finally gonna catch that pest Jerry he's been a problem for quite some time now, I hope this works. I got my fingers crossed

    Mouse: Gosh I'm hungry. *Gasp* Donuts!! Yeah, baby!! Now if I just get these stretchy things out of the way...



    ... but sometime the lid snaps on your hand when setting it..... which if sharpened, could seriously hurt you...

    it looks liek it will prolly only be efective in scaring the mouse to death rather than trapping it ;) has it been tested at all?

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    if u are refering to the liek word its a keyslip. i dont type like that normally ;) my fingers type too fast for the keyboard and i make many mistakes :P

    i filled it with thumb tacks sticking up.... it makes a good booby trap for me

    You wanted comments, so here goes. Use photos that are clear and in focus, not fuzzy one. Hold that video camera still. The camera moves way too much.

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    Thats becuse the camera i had was crap! It had no screen, so i had no idea if the shot was even accurate

    Thanks for the inspiration! I used this concept for my "Altoids Catapult" Instructable.

    thanks for the tips. PLZ VOTE FOR ME! i havnt hot a single vote yet.