How to Clean Your Key Board

Introduction: How to Clean Your Key Board

in this instructable i wll show you how to clean your key board of your computer or laptop

Step 1: What You Will Need

what you will need is some type of spay (for cleaning sinks) and a cloth that you wipe things with
i tend to use the ajax spray and wipe (for all those australians (im not sure if they have it in america)

Step 2: Steps

1. dampen the cloth with a bit of water and squeeze the rest of the water out
2. now sray the cloth slightly not so its got alot of spray on it and then nwipe the key board gently and in between the keys so that the key board is clean
3. now the key board is clean !!!!!!!!



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    5 Discussions

    uhm... i thought it'd be how to clean it from the inside.... oh and by the way... is there by any chance that that computer was HP Dv5000?.. :D

    to help clean the gunk/hair/food from under the keys, an aircompresser works best. make sure you turn your computer off, a can of air duster works, but not as well. blow out the fan too, you'd be surprised at all the dust.

    This is just cleaning the surface. You should put more about getting all the muck out of the cracks.

    erm...well i GUESS u can clean ur keyboard that way, but hows about inside?

    you really should go into more detail like actually cleaning your keyboard