How to Do a Simple Soccer Trick Volume 1

this tutorial shows you how to do a simple soccer trick that will get you around defenders

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Step 1: The Stop

dribble up, and then stop the ball with your strong foot

Step 2: The Spin

jump and do a 180 degree turn in midair

Step 3:

pull back the ball with your weak foot

Step 4:

then, do a 180 degree turn on the ground.

Step 5:

Finally, continue dribbling

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    4 weeks ago on Step 5

    just run and jump 180 dg and pull the ball back with both feet. same thing just without stopping the ball and with two feet. Also if you are going fast it will intimidate the other players. but i will try this in my next soccer game!!!! great instructable! i Love soccer and i am a good defender/offender. what position do you play?