How to Make a Airsoft Target

This is my first  instructuble!!! This is how you make a airsoft target.

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Step 1: What You Need

You need a cardboard box,glow in the dark tape,airsoft gun(duu)with bbs and a marker.

Step 2: Getting Started

Tape the glow in the dark tape on the back of the box.draw a target on it and your done!!!

Step 3: Happy Shootin

Airsoft is a great sport.And this target will help you get better at it. So have fun!! bye!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    i have one like this (with out the scope) m16 right

    just so ya know, it just might be a good idea to put pictures of what you're building on your instructable. not just the same two pictures and captions of guns.

    I'll comment. Use proper spelling and grammar. Use your own images, if you do not credit the original. Show a picture of your own actual project. It is useless to repeat the same image in one Instructable. If we were to want to see the image, we would.