How to Make a Sheet Metal Box

1) first you want to make an expanded template for your box out of cardboard, paper, etc. ( a flat version of your box. I have a graph paper drawing in the pics below, but its not for this box)
2) trace your template on to your piece of sheet metal, as pictured ( I suggest 20-22 gauge steel)
3) cut your piece into the same shape as template. use the corner notcher to cut out any right angles, but be sure to line it up exactly on your lines. Use the beverly shears to cut off the small corners.
4)you are now ready to start bending with the finger brake
5) after you finish bending all the sides up, use a spot welder to hold all the sides in place( you can also use rivets if you dont have a spot welder, but it takes longer)

This box is super sturdy. I made it at the TechShop.



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    2 years ago

    Good job..


    3 years ago

    Nice job looking to use this to build a car battery case, obviously with rubber incerts, how easy is steel to polish up?