How to Make a Straw Instrument (straw Flute)




Introduction: How to Make a Straw Instrument (straw Flute)

About: i can't come up with anything to write here and a little heads-up: my earlier instructables might be badly spelled, as i wasn't that good at english at the time.

note: this is not my idea, i just found it somewhere

Step 1: You Will Need...

a drinking straw

Step 2:

flatten the end of the straw with the pliers

Step 3: THE CUT!

cut the flattned end like in the picture

Step 4: More Cutting

cut some holes in the straw, i have painted them black so it becomes easier to see them

Step 5: Play It!

now to play it:
play it just like a normal flute, hold the pointed end in your mouth and one finger on each hole, relese the fingers from the holes to get diffrent tones



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10 Discussions

Ok, that's not a flute... But a reed instrument. Still cool thought. A flute is blowing over a hole providing a whistle sound.

Great! I just made pics and a video for "make a straw flute" exactly like your project, to enter in the Musical Instruments Contest. Instead, I'll just feature your I'ble :-)