How to Record Wav. From the Tv


Introduction: How to Record Wav. From the Tv

I fell in love with the song "yogi bear" by highschool jim. I found this song while watching boomerang they had the whole song as a commercial. I then quickly went to my winMX program and did some searching to come to NO results so I ended up do this tutorial.

Step 1: Things Needed

you will need a fm transmitter, a mp3 with fm recording ability, a special cord (see picture), and a tv

Step 2: Setting Up the Fm Transmitter

you will need to plug the cord into both the tv (receiver in my case) and the transmitter this will allow you to now transmit what ever is being played on the tv to be transmitted to the selected station. I chose 88.3 just because in my area there isn't any radio stations with that frequency so I'll get a better sound

Step 3: The Mp3 Player

I'm working with a sansa c250 and this has fm recording abilities. and will allow me to listen to the tv sound as long as I'm on 88.3. now I go through my mp3 players options and I was able to record the song being played on the tv.



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    Why not just get a 3.5mm audio cable and wire it into a computer/laptop (that's what I did and you get much better sound quality

    Can you modify this project to make the fm transmitter to transmitt video signals???It would be wonderful if it could.

    I believe you can just use the audio out from the TV or VCR and connect it right to the computer's line in. You'll have to modify the cord and put a male 3.5 mm stereo plug on the one end.

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    well i had all the required cords and and my setup didn't allow me to put my computer next to my receiver.... so

    Not all TVs have that, but to be fair it has to be pretty crap not to. Plus, plenty of people already have the hardware.