IPad Wooden Case

Introduction: IPad Wooden Case

This plywood iPad case was designed to fit and hold a Ipad 2, as well as store 8.5in-by-11in paper in the bottom compartment. We also included the space for a clipboard to be attached to the back.

Cost: around $10 in wood

The design process requires the use of a universal laser, and the AutoCAD program.  

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Step 1: Gather Materials


Universal Laser


2ft-by-1ft sheets of 1/8in plywood   x2


Rubber bands




Step 2: AutoCAD Design Outline

We have included the outline for the iPad case using the AutoCAD program. This will be traced by the laser. 

Step 3: Laser

Convert the AutoCAD outline to a DXF file that is able to be used by the Universal Laser.
To do this you have to have your file open and place your cursor over the "save as" button but dont click. When the options appear on the side select "save copy as". then when the window opens find the "file type" pull down menu and select .dxf from the choices.

Then cut with laser.

Step 4: Sand and Glue

 Once you have the pieces cut out in the correct size, sand each of the pieces down with 150 grit sand paper. Do this until the wood is smooth and all the burn marks are gone. Then glue together.

Step 5: Attach Hinges and Latch

Hot glue the two hinges to the case at the top, that way it can open and close.

Next, glue a small latch of your choice at the bottom, connecting both the front and the back. This will keep the box from opening.

Step 6: Assembly / Final Product

Place the iPad in the inside of the box so the screen shows through the rectangular space. Attach rubber bands in each pair of the corner spaces to strap the iPad into place.

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