IPhone 5 Tripod Mount




Introduction: IPhone 5 Tripod Mount

I made my own iPhone 4S/5 tripod mount for my videography students because I could never find one that was sturdy and inexpensive.  Watch the 90-second video to see how.  

The suction cups hold on very well as long as high-quality suction cups are used; the smooth back of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 provides the perfect surface for this device.



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    Great. I was just thinking about how to mount my iPad2 to my tripod. I am just going to up size everything to make sure it can hold the extra weight.

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    One thing to watch for on the iPad is that it weighs more and is significantly larger. You would have to play around with the suction cup positioning so that the tripod doesn't become unstable. Just my two cents,

    So here's my Frankenstein version. I hit up 3 different stores never finding the exact parts. I had to drill holes in the Ace hardware suction cups, cut the screw down that goes into the 1/4 inch housing for the tripod mount and get creative with the 1/4 inch connector (not one of the 3 stores had a 1/4 inch thumb nut). So it's not as pretty. It's wonky and not symmetrical, but it does the trick! And really inexpensive. Cool Instructable! Thanks.


    The simple ideas are the best and yours is simply brilliant. I am sure it would work on many other phones just as well.
    I guess you could also use a small right angle bracket instead of the "stainless steel stamping plate" to allow full movement range on a ball head tripod or to use it on a pocket tripod that can't go to vertical.

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    Thanks for the comments! Be sure to check out the mod done on


    It makes me want to get a 3D printer!

     Thanks ever so muchly.  I've decided recently to never again buy a consumer level video camera - just not worth it.  One reason is that the video cam on the iPod Touch is fairly reasonable another is that it's always with me.  The most compelling reason is looking at my paycheck.

    I've got two projects that I've been holding out on, while saving for one of the elegant looking solutions for iPod bracketing.  I now have no excuse for not moving forward.  Perfect.
    Thanks again,

    Great Instructable.
    Because you're using specialized parts, it would be great if you could give Ace Hardware names and part numbers —especially for the suction cups — and the same for McMaster.
    Thank you.

    I like your idea, where did you get those nice suction cups?

    Nice, simple, adjustable and looks strong.
    Is there anyway you can provide a bit of info on where you obtained the suction cups with screws and the nice covers?

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    Thanks! I got everything at the local Ace Hardware and Michaels. Ace didn't have the screw caps in stock; so I ordered them from McMaster.

    Excellent implementation. Looks great and not that expensive to produce.