Integrated Dead Head Mailbox and Concrete Bar Code Security Fence

Introduction: Integrated Dead Head Mailbox and Concrete Bar Code Security Fence

Check out one of the coolest secure entrances to a residence! This project is made from stainless steel white phosphorous bronze and concrete.  The mail box and fence are simple and clean, yet edgy and a little sneaky.  They are entirely hand made. Combining old and new mediums resulted in an innovative and contemporary take on average everyday domestic neccessities.

Step 1: The Mailbox

The entire mailbox was created out of 6mm stainless plate, then tig welded and cast into the first main column. The door has been mirror polished and the handle is cast from white phosphorous bronze.  The dead head is actually a piece that I have modified from my line of jewellery (H.A.R.D). It has a custom made floating hinge to keep the lines clean. The hinge, totally hidden and adjustable, is a small feature but one that makes the box. The door is spring loaded, magnetic and touch sensitive. Inside, on the base, is a grill made of 6 x 6 stainless bar which keeps the mail happy and dry on the off chance water finds it way in.

Step 2: The Bar Code

The fence is made up of various sized concrete columns which make up an actual life size barcode.  I spelled the last name of the client using a bar code finder off the web.  Each column had its own mould and was fastened with anchors which were cast into the bottom and chemically adhered to the foundation. A crane was used to lift each column into place. The fence meets all Australian Safety Standards.
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    4 years ago

    This is stunning!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is an interesting project, even if it's not my style, but it's hard to tell what all the pictures are, or how the mailbox works. More annotations and photos (or even another video, if you prefer) would really help everyone to understand the details of this project.