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Intro: 'juno' Hamburger Cell Phone

yes, i too have been smitten by the 'little movie that could' named 'juno'; but (even before actually seeing the flick) i was more drawn to juno's hamburger phone. i couldn't resist buying one, i'm assuming that it has something to do with being a product of the 80's where corded phones were available in all different shapes (cars, lips, cartoon characters, et al) at the 'spencer's gifts' in the shopping mall. but what to do with it's cord that kept the little hamburger grounded to a 5 foot radius from the wall outlet like lindsey lohan under house arrest. it was a simple solution to make the phone mobile rather than inviting everyone over to our house and lead them into the office where i could show my souvenier of pop culture nostalgia. i would dremel and glue my razor phone into the guts of a plastic burger like a young frakenstein (that's pronounced: fr-ahnk-en-shteen) so that i could parade it around and show of the most absurdly impractical thing that i have ever made.



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    So I've seen these new fan-dangled "oldschool" phones that you just plug into your headphone jack to use - does anyone know if there is an ethernet to headphone adapter I can buy, so make one of those with my cheeseburger phone that I already own? :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    wow i really am shocked i can not imange useing this in a meting

    hi myakura,
    could you please tell me what the website is to get the phone, and does the phone just fit into the hamburger case just like that. or do you have to do it yourself. if you do have to do it yourself please tell me how you do it.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    hi could tell me what website you order the cell phone cover from or what store you bought it at please and thank you


    9 years ago on Introduction

    very Hot <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.shopping-toys.com/desktop-corded-hamburger-phone-telephone-as-in-juno-p-110.html">Hamburger Phone!</a>Hamburger Phone! The Hamburger Phone - Just like the one used in Juno. Juno uses this kind of Corded Hamburger Telephones to call a women's health clinic in the film. Wonderful gift for friends<br/>my friend own this cool hamburger phone from<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.shopping-toys.com/desktop-corded-hamburger-phone-telephone-as-in-juno-p-110.html">http://www.shopping-toys.com/desktop-corded-hamburger-phone-telephone-as-in-juno-p-110.html</a><br/>


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry is there someone who knows if i can use the hamburger phone in denmark? please help me :( - Nadja


    oh its what I've always wanted!!! a hamburger phone so when I get hungry and the phone rings it is there taunting me. . . . . . .


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i would have posted an instructable, however i didn't take any pictues during the transformation process, because honestly i didn't think it was going to work. but i'm going to make an ipod case out of a french fry phone, so i'll document that next week.