Introduction: Knex FALL

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)
here is my knex FALL

some stats:
nice ram (from zakrants)
trigger that holds lots of power (dj radio)
bleu sized mag (won't fall out)
cocking machanism
6 layered
very strong
nice design
comfy handle
shoot 50 feet

it uses a lot of pieces i dont count them (sorry for that)
but i hope most of you can build it

it's a long build so here is some music.




no skrillex because he's too mainstrain.


Step 1: Main Plate and Stock

we will build everthing on the main plate.

Step 2: The Trigger Area

here's is the trigger area
pics are a bit dark. so i hope you can understand them

Step 3: Mag Area

simpel. also addtrigger rubberband

Step 4:

Step 5: Top Part

not that hard

Step 6: Add Barrel to Gun and Final Plate

just follow

Step 7: Mag and Carrier Handle

simpel mag. whas to lazy to build a better mag.
carrier handle is not that wide so maby you cant use it

add rubberbands for the ram and you are done.



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    24 Discussions

    Hallo dutch warlord
    Ik vind dit knex geweer echt super cool ik heb hem thuis gemaakt en hij schiet echt ver
    The knex gun boy

    Hi i have just finished the gun it looks really good, however my magazine cannot go all the way in. i think it is due to the orange connector from the barrel blocking the top of the magazine please reply thanks.

    1 reply

    Kwestie van smaak denk ik :P Ik zelf vindt dubstep niet veel aan (Skrillex in iedergeval helemaal niks...) Ik hou meer van metal etc..
    BTW: Dutchwarlord: gaaf geweer!

    Ja, ok. I vindt metal wel relax voor tijdens het fietsen (18 km om naar school te komen :0). Maarja, ieder heeft toch izjn eigen smaak,

    i waited a few weeks and i got a 400 bin and a 521 peice bin so now i am finishing up.

    i ran out of peices sk im improvising. even so still great. i need to buy some more.

    1 reply

    yeah i know it uses alot of pieces.
    i should add a piece list but i'm lazy