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Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine Impossible Elements

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Hello! Here are the instructions for the new elements in our knex ball machine Impossible. If you want to build one of these element, follow the pictures and image notes. They will help you a lot! Have fun building!

Step 1: Shifting Floor

This element is a white floor that moves up and down. It's better to have a slower moving newer style motor because there's a little bit of lag that lets the floor fall. This makes it less graceful but it works better and the ball stays on it longer.

Step 2: Falling Push Arm

this element is kind of like the red ball dropper except it has an extra pusher that pushes the ball off. If it doesn't work correctly, turn the tan clips outward just a tad until it does work.

Step 3: Gold Connector Pathing

This path is cool because if it weren't for the tabs on the gold connectors, the ball would just fall through! Easy to build, looks cool, totally worth a build!

Step 4: Hub Tire Freefall

As the title suggests, you'll need hub tires (5 of them to be exact), but if you want to experiment you could make it with different tires.

Step 5: Bumper Pathing

This path is simply a bunch of bumps that make a loud noise when a ball goes down it. Fun to watch and makes more noise than you'd think!

Step 6: Red Connector Pathing

This path is very smooth and works pretty well. Sometimes if there's a lot of momentum the ball will fall off the sides, but that's pretty rare.

Step 7: Gear Flipper

This element consists of a gear and when the ball comes along, it gets stuck in one of the gear's holes and the gear goes flipping! For some reason this one didn't want to work very well in the video, but it works well now—trust me!

Step 8: Spiral Staircase

Regular spiral staircase but with one, small difference...wait, you didn't notice that it's really small?

Step 9: Purple Pathing

a path with purple connectors...what more can I say?

Step 10: Panel Zig-Zag Drop

This element consists of a bunch of small panels that are placed diagonally on a structure, and the ball will slip on them and rattle quite a lot!

Step 11: Basket Arm

Yeah, it's a basket, it's an arm...what more can be said?

Step 12: Gear Pathing

This Path is surprisingly very smooth and works very well!

Step 13: Panel Path

The balls roll on the panels, and makes a little noise to boot!

Step 14: Flexi Funnel Tunnel

This element is pretty complicated, so make sure to read the image notes. It also uses a lot of flexi rods, so make sure you have enough before you build it!

Step 15: Complex Path

This path is very complex (hence its name O.o), so be extra extra sure you read the image notes very carefully!

Step 16: Pass'n-Drop

This element consists of 2 short paths and the ball falls from one to the other. You can make this as high as you want, but it might have to be changed a little...or a lot, depending on how you do it.

Step 17: Spiral Spinning Ball Arm

This arm has a spiral attached to it, but it is geared up a lot so it looks like a spiral in midair! Visually satisfying and looks amazing when it spins!

Step 18: Back and Forth Arms

This element consists of 4 arms that are joined together. You cannot make this any higher, however, you can put multiple elements on top of each other and make it as high as you want!

Step 19: Tight Flipper

The ball starts off by flying through the air and then it goes into a flipper! Need I say more?

Step 20: Flap Drop

Like the classic BBF element but smaller, more dense and just—cooler! Some forewarning: it doesn't always work when the ball is placed on the top, so have a small drop into this element.

Step 21: Connector Path

This path is made with mostly connectors, looks amazing, and makes a nice clacking sound.

Step 22: Spinner

This element is like a flipper, but it holds on to the ball longer and lets it go when it has started spinning fast! It's very fun to watch, too.

Step 23: Panel Wheel Path

This path uses small wheels attached on panels, and when the ball comes on it, it bounces on the wheels.

Step 24: Separation and Connection

This element takes 2 balls, separates them and puts them together again, in a very fast, entertaining way. But who am I kidding, who's going to actually build this?!



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    Step 24: I built this thing twice.. and yes, I did read the comment box in the last picture....

    Why did I build this one twice.... Because I am a gluten for punishment. Nice elements... I hope to use some in future builds... good work.

    1 reply

    Wow, twice over...that's some crazy commitment! Post a picture and I'll add it to the step. :)

    I have been really busy with school but I just started making the list for you (finished step one; look at picture 2). I should have it done soon. Sorry for the delay! :)

    Can you write a parts list because I probably don't have all of the parts and I don't want to have to go buy some knex one step then more and more and more...

    1 reply

    Sure! Just so you know, these things don't use very many pieces, and it may take me a few days to make a part list. I will get it for you ASAP. :)

    I like the spiral spinning arm, the seperation and connection, and all the unique pathing. I will probably use some of these!

    13 replies

    knexx balll machiness aree awesomee

    II willl probss usee thee catchh andd releasee inn myy nextt bmm

    II onlyy doo commentss likee thiss too raisee myy commentt countt

    II sometimess doo stufff likee thatt, justt forr funn. :P:P

    Didd Youu Meann The Passs 'nn Dropp??