Low-cost Flickering Glow Ball

Intro: Low-cost Flickering Glow Ball

This is a low cost, easy to make glowing ball. It is made from a 3 for a dollar electronic candle and a plastic shell I got from a 50 cent vending machine. To make it I took apart one of the candles and soldered the LED from it to the LED from an unaltered electronic candle. The shell I spray painted gold on the inside. To use it, all I have to do is turn on the electronic candle, put it inside the shell, and snap it shut. In total darkness it looks cool and can also be part of a costume. It can also be made with just a single candle with the silicon flame on top removed. 



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    It is a prop for a short video I'm working on. The battery is a 3 volt disc battery that comes with the electronic candle and can be changed by opening the little door on the bottom of the candle.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    These LED Candles will flicker continuously for at least two days: The package states 100 hours but after two days of use they start fading due to low voltage from their battery. Fortunatly the battery is easy to replace.