Magnetic Wire Motor Masco G32

Introduction: Magnetic Wire Motor Masco G32

Magnetic wire Motor

Step 1: Materials

D battery (1)

Magnet (1)

Magnet wire


Rubber bands (1-2)

Paper clips (2)

Sand paper

Step 2: Bend Paper Clips

Take one side of the paper

clip and bend it up and then

create a dip. This will resemble an

“S” shape with the tip bent up.

Do this to both of them.

Step 3: Magnet Wire

Cut a piece of magnet

wire- roughly the length

of one’s arm span.

Step 4: Manipulating Wire

Twist the wire into a circle, overlapping

several times. When tying the “legs” make it

directly in the center and have them putting

straight outward. Then cut them to the same lengths.

**very important the circle is symmetrical and the legs are in the center

Step 5: Shaving Wire

With the sandpaper,

shave one leg completely

(Going all the way to

the base) and the second

leg only halfway (edge to base).

*read why on next slide

Step 6: Why You Shave the Wire

Shaving the enamel off of the wire allows

for the magnetic current. One side is always

connected to the battery and one side

switches off momentarily (opposite poles)

but continues to move forward from built

up momentum.

Step 7: Assembling

Hold both paperclips

to the sides of the D battery,

facing the same way.

Attach them with a rubber band-

an additional rubber band can be

used if need be.

Step 8: Magnet

Place the magnet

on the top of the

battery- in between

the two paperclips.

Step 9: Attaching Wire

Gently place both

legs on the dips

in the paper clips

so they act as a holder.

Now the wire loop

should be rotating in circles.

Step 10: Troubleshooting

  • Circle isn't symmetrical
  • legs are not in the center (or flat)
  • wire isn't completely shaved
  • paperclips are too high up

(wire loop should be close to magnet)

Step 11: Improvements

Attach two batteries together

side by side and increase the

number of magnets for increased speed.

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