Make Your Own Foil Monkey




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MAKE YOU OWN FOIL MONKEY!!!!!!!!!! this is my first instructable so plz don't be harsh

Step 1: Make Head

just make a ball of foil

Step 2: Start Making Ears

put toothpick through head

Step 3: Continue Making Ears

trim toothpick

Step 4: Keep Making Ears

make a 2 small balls

Step 5: Affix Ears

put small ball on end of stick

Step 6: Finish Head

put on other ball

Step 7: Skewer Head and Trim Stick

*sniggers* monkey head skewer

Step 8: Make Body

an ovalish thing. be shure not to make it to big

Step 9: Attach

attach the pieces

Step 10: Skewer

skewer body

Step 11: Make Arm

make arm

Step 12: Put on Arm

put on arm

Step 13: Finish Upper Body

put on other arm and trim

Step 14: Make Legs

follow pictures. be sure to do twice. (reapeat on other side.)

p.s. on the last pic, the tip is bended forward

Step 15: Optional Step: Make Tail

just stick toothpick in a tail-ish position and cover with foil



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    42 Discussions

    bad appleSgt.Waffles

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    relax dude!!! its,s just a little craft for people who want sumthin cute on their desk at work

    bad appleSgt.Waffles

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    plus there is instructubles on foil cow and foil man so whats the pourpose of that and whay aren't critizizing them?!?

    Sgt.Wafflesbad apple

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I dont know. Maybe other people think foil animals are "cute". I think they are a waste of aluminium, but to each his own.