Portable Prefab Playhouse





Introduction: Portable Prefab Playhouse

This small dome is perfect for kids and also for adults to be placed in the yard for the summer. It is also a cool play house to be placed in kids room. You can even use it as a break room inside a large office.

The laser cut pieces assemble in less than an hour and can be stored in stacks. That largest piece is 24"x18".

Step 1: Download the Dxf File

Once you download the file, you are ready to laser-cut the pieces. Next is to purchase wood.

Step 2: Lasercut or CNC Mill the Parts

once you have the file, you can start laser cutting or CNC milling the parts from 1/8" plywood (Birch is a reasonable one to use, price wise).

I used a 24"x18" laser bed so I had my wood supplier cut 4x8 sheets into 24x18 sheets.

You can use a 4x8 CNC milling bed to cut a few pieces together.

Step 3: Assembly

Buy some screws and nuts and start assembling! The holes are already cut out.

Start assembling the vertical raws. Once you have them all connected, you can attach them to the next.

To build a raw, first slide the extended parts into the cut line of the lower part (According to the images).



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    7 Discussions

    I love the look of this. Can you please tell me the diameter and height of this dome? Thank you.

    Adorable! I'm going to make this for my God children... But I'm not sure who's going to get more use of it, them or the dog :)

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.


    2 years ago


    if done with a plastic or combined with a tarp it would make a great emergency shelter in disaster relief areas

    I love this! Single, versatile shape making up a complex form = AWESOME.