How to Build a Modern Outhouse on a Budget




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I built this 8 by 8 modern outhouse for my property. I dismantled a 1993 25 foot camper and used the toilet, vanity ,sink. shower, and windows from the camper.

Step 1: Building the Floor

I studded in a 8 by 8 floor  with pressure treated 2 by 8s and in between the studs i mounted the black water tank from the camper .

Step 2: Floor

 Nailing down the 1/2 plywood floor.

Step 3: Walls and Studs

I studded up 8 foot walls , Installed  1 of the 2  doors which came from the camper.

Step 4: Roof

I cut  studs for the 5/12 pitch roof. Instead of plywood i used  1 by 6 ship lap boards which you will see on the inside pictures how nice it looks. I used  Cheap black 3 tab shingles.

Step 5: Windows

I used 2 of the windows from the camper. 1 on each side of the outhouse.

Step 6:

Step 7: Shower

I installed the shower in the same orientation  as it was in the camper.

Step 8: Closet

I made a 2 by 2  foot closet.The double doors are mirrored  from the camper.

Step 9: Ceiling

Here is the inside of the ceiling with the smooth side down  of the ship lap boards showing.

Step 10: Finished Ceiling

Heres the view of the finished ceiling with the light and fan  and the door to enter the attic when needed .

Step 11: Finished Windows

 Here is the finished window from the inside

Step 12: Toilet

Here is a picture of the    toilet  installed.

Step 13: Vanity

I made the 2 by 4 foot vanity .Bought the counter top  ,and used the sink and drawers and doors from the camper.

Step 14: Inside Walls

All the inside walls are made from the ship lap boards

Step 15: Finished

All painted and ready to use~!



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    Question 6 weeks ago on Step 1

    I love this project and everything about it. Can you tell me how do you dump the blackwater tank? Do you have a well on your property for the incoming water?


    Its about 200 feet from the house in the woods. I have alot of parties so it comes in handy .. Yup i made a modern outhouse ..... what do ya think? It runs on dc voltage just like the camper did. I just finished my deck kitchen im posting that tonight..


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry I didnt look at the video until later. Say that the holding tank is down the hill a bit. But on a hot summer day and you being up hill I would put a vent on the back side just to make sure no methan seeps into the structure. You have given be some great ideas.

    There are a lot of cheap RV's around and they make a great donor for a project like yours.

    2 replies

    The vent tube goes up the wall and out through the roof. I can say this though,after tearing a camper apart i sure wouldn't buy a new one for thousands of dollars . They are built so crappy ...


    3 years ago

    This is the ultimate outhouse! How did you insulate the roof/ceiling so you wouldn't have a condensation problem?
    I would also like to know how to find ship lap? We are finishing the inside of our not-so-mini-barn and tried to find ship lap - no luck - lumberyards, big box stores like Lowes and it not popular in the Midwest?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    its all insulated between the studs. Ship lap is kinda popular here . Its basically tongue and groove boards but without the grooves . the ends over lap and theres 45s cut on the corners so when u put them together it looks like toungue and groove boards


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks Beans! Your outhouse is fantastic...I have fallen hard for ship lap and you can't get it here! We have a metal building/barn that wasn't built correctly and the condensation just drips from the ceiling-we just moved into this place and everything we put in there was ruined. That's why I asked about condensation! We bought a big portable barn and are insulating between the studs and I had wanted to finish the walls with ship lap - no such luck! It's OSB..yuck! The ceiling has vapor barrier but I wonder if we should put insulation up there as well? Your thoughts? Did you insulate the ceiling of your outhouse?

    It is much deserved!!!!! Your frugal abilities & creativity are an asset to anyone wanting to learn how to live minimally. It's a great resource to have and am very thankful you are willing to share!

    Oh, yes, Sir, I have! Very much intrigued! I have ideas of my own actually. Just don't want to bore you with them HA HA...however, your postings have given me great ideas. Thank you so much!!!! <3

    Great going! Great pics, recycling, clear concise instructions. Sometimes I think that so called critics have nary an instructible to their credit. They always have some noble cause. Safety, better ways, etc. If these forlks spent more time making their own ibles, on safety, or whatever their noble cause is, Then I could respect that.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome, love all the recycling, i know how hard it is to take one of those trailers apart. i lived without running water in a tiny cabin for a while, and you've got me wondering why i didn't turn the little shed into a luxurious little moon-house. A+!