Music Loving Whale

Introduction: Music Loving Whale

I wanted to make a music deck speaker for my mobile. The available speakers in the market are with boring design and mostly without any addons. First I had to think about a design, and I came up with a blue whale. The end product should have multipurpose as I am not going to keep my mobile on it all the time.As such I wanted to have a night lamp and also a pen holder but all these are optional. The music deck has music synced leds on it. Such music synced ledsa are easy to built unless someone is a complete noob in electronics ( which I am but still I was able to do it with little changes ). The circuit is available in other instructables also

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Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. plywood
  2. aluminium tubes
  3. wires
  4. leds
  5. TIP#!C transistor
  6. old speaker set
  7. switches
  8. screws
  9. wood glue
  10. paint
  11. resistors

Step 2: Tools Needed

  1. jigsaw
  2. electric drill
  3. soldering iron
  4. glue gun
  5. hack saw
  6. multimeter
  7. hole saw
  8. files

Step 3: Putting Plywood Under Blade

The first step is to cut the plywood of specific rectangular dimensions. I had to put four such plywood pieces to have a combined width of four inches because two inches would be used by the pen holder and the rest two to keep the cellphone.All the four plywood are to be cut into a whale design using a jigsaw. Never ever anyone should try to cut the four pieces separately because they will not match properly. adding to it I had to cut a back plastic cover which is a actually a unused vegetable cutting board ( my mom is so going to kill me ). By far plastics are easier to make holes for switches. I used hot soldering iron to melt plastic to make holes. Numbering of the plywood pieces is a good idea. The number three piece has a hole in it to make way for the lamp. Likewise number two piece has a passage for the 3.5 mm earphone pin. The top most plywood has a big hole for the eye and four smaller holes for led lights. The plastic back cover has two rectangular holes for the switches. Also the 2nd, 3rd, fourth pieces has square cuts on it to place the speaker and the circuit.

Step 4: The Electronics

To make leds synced with music I used a TIP31c NPN transistor. It could be directly connected to the earphone jack with a 3.5 mm pin but I will not recommend so because then you can only see led blinking on full volume. So I used a dual channel amplifier from a old speaker. One port is used for the speaker as usual and the other port is used for the leds with the transistor. The old speaker run on usb power and has a 3.5 mm pin which I kept intact. The leds are connected in parallel, for the lamp I used a 4.5 volt led which is actually used in flashlight. I used resistors to drop down voltage across the leds

Step 5: Final Finishing

All the pieces are to be assembled by using screws however not the first one which is glued to the 2nd plywood as I didn't want any other hole on the whale face. The aluminium pen holder is a 2*1 inch rectangular tube cut into about 2 inch size . The whole body except the back cover was painted with blue color

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    Daww it's so cute, and I imagine it sounds pretty great! Definitely a party whale if I ever saw one. Welcome to instructables!