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my homemade omni-directional holonomic car. the body was designed with autodesk inventor and then printed on a 3d printer. the control system is a unique design of mine that requires no specialized processors in-between the rc module and the 360 servos. all it needs is a special combination of 3 v-tail mixers and 1 y connector.



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    Opposite direction wheels seem to be dragging along. As long as the vehicle is light, the friction does not matter and the vehicle will slide and and appear it is moving in all directions. When the weight is increased, the friction will increase and sliding will be difficult. The wear and tear of the wheels will be more.

    Just one more question where did you get those omni directional wheels or did you make them?

     great, cant wait to see your version. you can buy the wheels at
    mine are 2 inch transwheels with cat-trak