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Introduction: Ouija Board

i live in GA and love to do many things. i am very creative. i love to always have alot of pets a...

i will show you how to make an ouija board, a ouija board is a "portal to the spiritual universe" all in a little board!

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

a piece of cardboard around 1 foot long and 8 inch tall
a round donut shaped piece

and that is all you need to make an ouija board!

Step 2: The Board

get your cardboard and marker and write "yes" on the top left hand corner of the board. write "no" on the top right side. a couple inches below that wright all the letters of the alphabet so every letter is about a centimeter apart. below that write numbers 1 through 9 so they are also spaced about 1 centemeter apart. at the very bottom of the board write "goodbye" and that is your board. optional: i put some crosses on my board to ward off evil spirits, i suggest you do to.

Step 3: Donut Piece

find a circular 3D shape witha whole in the middle. the whole should be able to show most of the letters/numbers on your board. i used some kind of plastic thing i found.

Step 4: How to Use

to use an ouija board place your donut shape in the middle of the board, put two fingers on the donut shape lightly and move the donut shape around with your fingers for about 10 seconds, then put it back to the middle without takeing your fingers of. then ask the board a question and keep your two fingers on the donut shape and the donut shape will move on its own! see what response it sais to the question and keep asking more and more!

Step 5: Your Done!

now you are done! your finished version should look somewhat like the picture below.

WARNING: an ouija board is NOT a toy! it can be dangerouse because it can sometimes let spirits out into your home! some times evil spirits! i am not responsible for any demonic possesion!



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ok i have a question..... well i have two...... i wanted to contact my nana who commited suicide back in 2006 could i do that and two the woman who lived in the house i live in before me died and she use to love this house and i honestly believe she is still here..... me and my friend was in my room recording ourselves and in our camera there was like a perfect orb...... im assuming its her but im not sure so would this help me figure out if it is?

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You can use the Shoebox Telephone method to call a particular spirit.

I'm doing it alone and nothing happened and I don't believe these work

Sometimes it doesn't work with one person part the reason own the rules is don't do it alone. And if there is a spirt and it contacts you while your alone. You ducked Bc it mean it's a strong spirt than can posses you

All this is not frivolous

o and if i made it out of paper would it still work???

Nothing happened when I asked if a spirit was with me...wtf

I made it and nothing happened... I asked if there was a spirit with me and nothing happened ?

I just did this and I am worried... My dogs are calm and everything... But I am nervous... It wrote out 'hell' and 'kill' but it said goodbye so am I okay?...

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if any one has a ghost from this or in their house send me a message and i will tell you how to get it out. my grandmother taught me how,this is a caribean blessing not an american, so just send me mail if you have one. i did it at our house.

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Most times when a person gets a spirit attached to them it's due to them or closing the door to the other side. When ou are finished using one of these you should say goodbye to the spirit and thank him for talking to you. They should then move the moving glass to the word goodbye. If they don't then tell it again that you are going to go. If it still doesn't then you must tell goodbye and drag it there yourself.

Some things to look out for are that the moving glass starts to count down from 9 if it does then this is a bad spirit coming in. Or if it starts to move to all of the corners you need to immediately close the door to the other side.

One way to stay safe is before you start talking make sure to put a ring of salt around you and the board put Quartz in the room and burn incense. Also only do it with two or more people because by your self there is a higher chance for it to latch onto you. Do not ask it questions such as when you will die because it might lie to have you keep coming back so it could one day latch on. Also before you start using one of these tools make sure to say out loud that you are only looking for good spirits. That you are being watched over and nothing can hurt you. Then continue on.

Make sure not to be drunk when doing this or high and not sick or tired as they have a better chance to latch on.

But most importantly remember to CLOSE THE DOOR WITH THEM SAYING GOODBYE.

I love this. Thank you i make one for decoration ps i love runes too


guys, ouija boards are fake btw. oui means yes and so does ja, and also, they cant contact spirits, they were originally sold as toys for kids. Plus, someone mentioned tarot cards, which btw are just another type of playing card...