Painting Cherrie Blossums


Introduction: Painting Cherrie Blossums

About: i am a ceaft crazy person that loves to paint, draw,etc.

These are very easy too make for Any reason but they are also very pretty and look like a famous Artest painted them

Step 1: Materials

you will need any type of paper along with paint,a paint brush,and a water cup

Step 2: Making the Stems and Leaves

first draw black lines in a piece of paper then you take the darkest green you have the paint splotches of green the take the light green and do the same

Step 3: Blossoms

first draw art least 4 yellow dots then use pink our purple and draw four dots around each one so that each one had five then draw at least four more dots of yellow and do the same



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    Thanks for sharing your cherry blossom painting! Keep up the good work.