Pallet Bench




Introduction: Pallet Bench

easy to build outside bench

Step 1: Make a Cut

As you can see the first step is very easy. All I did was cut a pallet. Then I folded it up so I made the backside the backrest

Step 2: Take Another Pallet Apart

Having a good pry / wedge bar really come in handy. The wide surface when you pry helps to not snap the wood in half. When you use a hammer it can damage the would easily. I also recommend a rubber mallet. Really any way you can get it apart works

Step 3: Sand

Sanding makes for a much better finished product. It is tedious work but it is well worth it in the end

Step 4: Make Legs

When I pulled a pallet apart I noticed it had very thick blocks. I wanted to make sturdy legs so I incorporated these blocks into legs. All I did was make cuts with the pallet and then put the pallet wood at right angles around the blocks.

Step 5: Attach Legs to Bench

Once you have your legs made you can now attach it to the bench. I flipped the bench upside down so the bottom of facing up. I cut four square blocks out of regular pallet would an attached it to the bench corners where the legs would be. then I slid the legs up against the blocks I attached and screwed them to it. Once you have that accomplished its time to make it sturdy. I cut four pieces of wood two for the front and two for the sides and attached those to each leg making it very sturdy.

Step 6: Attach Backrest

For the backrest i attached one piece of wood in the middle on the outside of the pallet. Then for extra support i put two braces made of pallet wood on the sides

Step 7: Paint Time!

We chose a bright color to really make this pop. And what better color than bright red or matchbox red. I'd recommend painting before you put it together. I painted it after I put it together and there is a lot of nooks and crannies had to get into that were difficult

Step 8: Time to Sit and Relax

Sit down. and enjoy. thanks for viewing any suggestions please let me know.

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