Pallet Wood Shed





Introduction: Pallet Wood Shed

this is my 8 x 6 pallet wood shed

Step 1:

building the base to the shed using the pallet wood as floor boards

Step 2:

building the frame work using 2.5 inch x 1.5 inch wood

Step 3:

frame work from an other angle

Step 4:

i built the frame work around the door and window i didn't really use measurements just made it up as i went along

Step 5:

the pallet wood has been put on the back

Step 6:

now the front

Step 7:

starting on the side

Step 8:

side now done started on the roof to help keep the rain out

Step 9:

view of the side completed

Step 10:

the roof now and roof felt on

Step 11:

stained with a dark oak and window finally fitted



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    How did you get the framework on

    I would like to see how you made it level, Did you use Deck screws and or use Deck nails and which size did you use.

    To all:

    If you have a "Solar City" in your area they give away the best pallets. I had a Solar System put on my house and they (The Crew) gave me all the pallets I wanted when I asked for them. They are near mint quality 5x7 pine pallets. They have to take them with them when they leave unless someone asks for them and they are always happy to give them away. They (The Crew) said if I wanted more to just go to their yards and ask for them and they will even load them for you. They are happy to do this because they have to get rid of them. at least this is what the crew told me who put the system on my house. I have not gone to get more yet cause I am still going through the ones they gave me and now after seeing this project I think I will try and give them a call for a few more to try this build.

    How did you keep the shed boards from shrinking and causing gaps?

    Great job! Can't wait to make one.

    Love it!!! Great work. Very inspiring for me to get out there and get going on mine.


    3 years ago

    Did you use corner posts for foundation?

    1 reply

    no i put post in the ground bout 2 foot long and left about 9 inches above ground to attatch the frame work of the base

    I like it, looked good without any stain as a 'historic shack'.

    Different door and it could have passed for something from 1800's

    Nice project. That appears to be a pretty pricey door on your shed! Considering the going price for a shed around here, you definitely have a winner. Thanks for sharing you idea.

    1 reply

    I always appreciate repurposing projects, especially where carpentry or mechanics are involved, and this one is great. The shed has a certain rustic charm to it as a result of the materials used.

    Great job, and thanks for sharing.

    I did one wall of my shed in pallets. It wasn't worth the work compared to using OSB at about $7 a sheet. I ran my pallet boards diagonally though, so that added considerably to the work I did.

    Let me see if I can find a picture of that wall. Nope, I can only find a shot of it papered over. Oh well.

    i dont know exactly i just asked my friend to keep them coming till it was done lol alot of the boards split when removing them from the pallet


    4 years ago

    Building this like :)

    well done it looks good and has got good detaled pictures