Paracord Man

Introduction: Paracord Man

Gotta lover the 'cord. So much to do... So many possibilities. This little guy came to life while I was watching a ball game and had some paracord sitting around. My team was losing and I was just playing around with cobra knot/survival bracelet.... Added a couple arms.... Added the body... Had just enough cord to do the legs. This is not the original - I believe the original became paracord cat-toy, this is a clone.

I used 12' of cord and had to trim off about 2', so figure 10-12' should do.

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Step 1: Start -

This starts like any other survival bracelet or cobra knot project. There are probably hundreds of others out there that explain this way better than I can.

I started this with about 13 inches of loop - like you were making a 13 inch bracelet.

Tied cobra knots about 1.5 inches

Step 2: Make the Arms...

This is the only part that can be considered tricky. My arms are about 2 inches.

I started with the guy's right arm - Kind of difficult to explain, even with pictures, but I'll try.

Make an arc with one side of the cord... The leg picture shows this pretty clearly, I couldn't get things to stay put when trying to picture what the arms look like before starting to weave.

With the arc on an arm, take the loose end and start tying overhand knots at the wrist, and work back toward the shoulder.

Then do the same with the other side.

A note... Need to reverse the overhand knot, put the loop in front, then in back. If you keep going with the loop in front you end up with a pretty cool spiral, but not pretty cool arms.

Step 3: Cobra Body and Legs

After both arms are woven back to the shoulder transition back to the cobra knot and weave the torso. About 2-2.5 inches of knots for the torso.

Then on to the legs... Just like the arms...

Make a couple loops of equal size (unless you want one leg longer than the other - hey, its your dude)

Start with overhand knots at the ankle and work up toward the crotch

Then do the other leg.

The leftover needs to be dealt with.

I used a very tight overhand knot. Cut and fuse both the front and back. Might want to be careful when trimming the leftover... In one of these pictures paracord man seems realllly glad about the man part, had to tuck that in down his leg.

Have fun.

Step 4:

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