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Introduction: Paracord Steering Wheel Wrap

i have an older Jeep Grand Cherokee. its gotten quite a bit of use over the years. The steering wheel is now very smooth and slippery especially if I'm wearing gloves (since i live in Michigan this is pretty common). i am hoping the grip that i added will be warmer on bare hands too. I know your supposed to drive with your hands at 10 and 2 or 9 and 3 or whatever but i usually just hold on to the bottom holes on my steering wheel so that is all i wanted to cover with paracord (if i really like the bottom parts i might end up doing the rest too). it would be the same technique to do the whole thing

you could use this same technique to wrap basically anything i know i've wrapped flashlights and also rolls of paracord to keep them from getting tangled.

Step 1: Starting Off

i did this 2 different ways. i changed the first way i did it because i couldn't keep anything tight. the way i used on the left side is what i changed the first way to. where the tag end goes under the working end (very hard to explain in words)

Step 2: Wraping

now that the paracord is tied off at where your going to start you can start the very repetitive process of single knots.

Step 3: Continue

continue these knots. the threads part will resemble the ends of a cobra stitch bracelet.

Step 4: Compress Stitches Together

Step 5: Finishing Off

i didnt get many good pictures of this step but i basically used the same method as starting off. i pasted the end under the previous knot so it was "locked in" so to speak. then just cut and melt the ends.

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Looks good, how long since you did it? I'd like to try it but would like to know how well it holds up to actual driving.

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i did just do it but i will try to update this instructable in a few weeks with some more use

your local Walmart or sporting goods shop should carry the stuff, if it doesn't, Amazon carries 1,000 foot rolls!

here in Texas, they have it at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, and even craft places such as Michaels and probably Joann's

Unless you feel you need it for emergencies, this project doesn't require paracord. Find a cheaper nylon or even a rustic jute or manila cord for your steering wheel. Paracord is so popular now, I've see it in Lowes/Home Depot.

Here in Calif., both Walmart and Big 5 sell it, in the 550 lb. and 350 lb. strengths; red, OD grn, and black, about $6 for 100 ft

The internet is a wonderful thing, too. I have a few sporting goods stores around here that sell it as well as department stores, etc. Often times, due to a busy schedule, I just end up on Amazon for supplies. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding paracord there.

Army Surplus store nearest you will have several colors (at least mine does).

Awesome. I'm going to ditch the leather cover on my Toyota's wheel and do this. Perfect for an older truck (and someone who's got thousands of feet of 550 cord).

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I've got a '99 4Runner, don't even have all or 4 wheel drive, and I live in iowa!! this should come in handy, I'll make a black or camo one soon and give updates on how driving improves from hands not being frozen to the wheel after 5 minutes of driving (yes that has happened... Twice!!) All of the leather has worn off and just the adhesive is showing now so it's all gooey and sticky, and it rubs off and it's gross. This should be a warmth and sanitary improvement!

i think it would depend on the circumference of the part your wrapping it around mine was about 4 in of paracord for every wrap. i did about 7-8 wraps per inch so a little over 2 feet per inch