Pocket Sized Fly Holder


Introduction: Pocket Sized Fly Holder

this is an easy to make and easy to carry fly holder, because it fits right in your pocket.

supplies you will need:
altoids tin or any small tin case
packaging foam
and flies

Step 1: Shaping the Foam

Trace your altoids tin with marker on to foam. Then cut it out and place foam into the altoids tin.

Step 2: Flies

add all your flies into the holder and your done.



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    3 Discussions

    Hah! I just saved an Altoids tin I found in the car floor last night. I didn't need another pocket survival kit, but I just figured something would come up. Heheheh, this is just the use to put it to. Thanks!

    Styrofoam won't hold very well. You're better off going to Michaels and getting a small sheet of closed cell foam.