Prototyping Tutorial Polyester - Paint Finish

Introduction: Prototyping Tutorial Polyester - Paint Finish

When you want to prototype something, you just want the end result as clean as possible, so that's why i want to show you how you can paint polyester and have that really clean finish.
The instructions that follow show what to do after you you sanded the polyester.

Step 1: First Layer : Spray Putty

Because you use polyester as prototyping material, the surface after sanding is not as clean as you want it to be, that's why you use putty spray to fill up those little imperfections.

The spraying technique you use is : you spray from a 30 cm distance with steady strokes.

See .mp4 for an example.

Step 2: Second Layer : Basic Primer

After sanding the putty and you have reached that smooth surface it's time for the primer, you again spray from a 30 cm distance and you move with clean strokes.

Step 3: Layer 3 : Color Layer

Because of the use of plastic primer you can use regular paint, now you just choose a color for your prototype and the spraying technique stays the same !

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