Introduction: Predator

Start by collecting parts for the sake of time. I collected pieces for about six months then planed for time to put together. Some finesse with spray paint and auto body fillers you will be in business. the mask and helmet were purchased on line while most the rest were fabricated using items from the dollar store. 

Step 1: Cleaner Cases

These were made using cardboard tubes glued stapled nailed taped and what ever else i could find. Considering these were going to be covered  with filler and sanded really rough to allow for that ufo metal look of being poured to a cast. then with some silver pearl paint (hobby store $1.95 for air brush paint) and a lot of sanding time later, model airplane parts were glued on and final paint was applied, we were good.

Step 2:

The helmet started light. but with the addition of a catchers mask, auto filler an old hose and 8 rolls of black tape, the 45 pound head piece gets heavy while dancing but drew great reaction everywhere even the quick trip where we got more party favors. started with wrapping the rope with the electrical tape but didn't get the smooth appearance as the pred does. So cutting and spreading the garden hose with packing foam then wraped them with ele tape. vut a small slit in the rubber mask and jamed the dread locks in place. added a little bit xtra with the horns, writing on top for confirmed specie kills and some jewelry. once again, use the paint to age the helmets. spray silver and dust afterward s with black lightly.  

Step 3: The Body

got an online muscle suit and painted it mostly black with some green and gray. attached fishnet to the front using needle and thread  and added a mid suit using left over fishnet a sheet and an old belt

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