Rc Hovercraft




 rc hovercaft
this is a fun easy to build rc hovercraft that you can build from rederly advalable materials .this a step by step build of an amzing and fun to use rc hover craft.
hot glue gun
corogated plastic 5mm
sail material
2mm wire harden steel
thin plastic
motors radio gear ect
soldering iron ,heat srink

Step 1: Making the Body

the body is made out of one inch thick polystyrene cut in to a rectangle 29x42cm. then a 15cm diameter hole is cut for the lift fan.

Step 2: The Skirt

the skirt is made out of thin sail material .to get the shape i cut 13x42cm strips and to get the corners right i used two halfs a pvc pipe that had been cut at a 45 degree angle then layed the strips over to fined out the shape of the corners witch turned out to be a s shape. the skirt is held on by black insulation tape because it is a bit more sturdy then selotape and more water proof.the skirt is attached around the out side of the body and a plastic plate at the bottom that is held on by foam spacers to let air through.

Step 3: Mounting the Lift Fan

the lift fan is a turnigy 2730 - 3000kv brushless out runner spining a 5x3 three bladed propand powerd by a single 850 2cell lipo. i mounted it using a strip  of  balsa hot glued to a 1.5 mm plywood plate that is bolted to the motor.then hot glued to the under side of the body.for the cowling i used a piece of thin plastic 3.5x50cm with a 2cm over lap.

Step 4: Testing Lift Fan

it hovers about 4cm above the ground at half throttle.with out forward motor and battery.

Step 5: Adding Forward Motor

the forward motor is a park 450 1050kv out runner spining a 9x5 prop and powerd by a 2250mah 3cell lipo . this is a motor that i had it dosent need to be this big but it just means that it will go fast. it is mount on to a piece of balsa that is glued to a right angle piece of foam. the tail section is made out of corrogated plastic that is in 3 pieces . the rudders are driven by a standerd size servo.

Step 6: Testing Time

it goes well on land as in croncrete and water. you can make a simpler skirt for it but it wont go on water because it will scope up water.



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    8 Discussions

    British Badger

    4 years ago

    hi I'm starting a hovercraft group to share experience and designs to make the best hovercraft s possible I was wondering if you were interested

    1 reply

    yea it sounds like a good idea but this build was just a sper of the moment thing and i have moved onto building and flying multirotors.

    well ,i like to make this as my 12th std project ,but can i use computer fan instead of the motor and propeler u used,cause i have it ready!!

    what is the use of esc??

    2 replies

    its because its a brush less motor so you can't just plug it in to a battery to make it go it. the best way to explain it would be that they run on ac power so you need an bruss less esc to power it.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    every thing besides the electronics are really cheapand the e;ectronics are still under a hundred dollers.
    have fun building

    charles gray

    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is really flawless. I just want to build this type of hovecraft, however. How much do you cost these materials? Are there any cheaper alternatives?