Rc Model Wing Catamaran




Introduction: Rc Model Wing Catamaran

The model is a 5ft , I/5 scale model of c class catamaran edge. the wing is a two element with a slot between. I am about to water trail it here's hoping it goes  



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What is in the .pdf download?

hi Barry,
Looks great! and without a jib, your wing works great.

Here are a few pictures of my work bench. for scale the wing is 1.800 long and .390 wide.


Hi Dan your project inspired me . I have been on the project for 4 weeks now and done 4 test sails . I like to say all went well but I have a lot of tuning to do .I have put a jib on to help tacking, which it has I pitch poled it in 15 knot , but sailed again in the afternoon with. better control 8 to 10 knots. It is a bit sluggish in light winds. but goes well when in the grove which is narrow. Got a lot to learn.

The hulls are 1mm ply sides & decks, bottoms fiber glass done in a female mould

That's a pretty nice model! Can you tell us a bit more about how you made it?