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Introduction: Reused Cardboard Containers

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I haven't had time to create anything for the cardboard challange, but, as I sat here pondering what I could make, I realized I use recycled cardboard all the time. I save all kinds of stuff from glass jars and plastic bottles to cardboard and misc pieces of wire. Depending on the thickness of the cardboard it can be used to make an emergency gasket or template, as a padding for a drawing or storage/orginization. Cardboard boxes aren't the first choice for long term storage since the creation of plastic totes/bins but they still work and are usually a LOT cheaper, the smaller packaging make great orginizers

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Step 1: You'll Need

It should be pretty obvious what your going to need but here goes

 an assortment of cardboard packaging containers


Step 2: Sort the STUFF

now sort your stuff into the right sized container

Step 3: Orginizing the Orginizers

ok, now you have a lot of small containers holding a lot of small stuff, you need to find ANOTHER box that the containers will fit in

Step 4: Convenience

You can also keep small containers of frequently used small objects nearby, the top of my curb rescued ancient monitor holds a box of change and a flashlight and a box with spare reading glasses of differeing strengths

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I save coffee cans (because I'm eventually going to build a wall structure to hold all of my yarn), paper towel tubes for party crackers and storage tubes, Altoid and other mint/small tins for various small projects that are seen far and wide on Instructables, plastic and metal bottle caps for jewelry, dioramas, and flowers. I've even taken apart two of our computers that fried and were useless and am making circuit-board jewelry and woven wire bracelets. I guess I make a lot of girly stuff. GreenCraft magazine has a lot of ideas on repurposing these kinds of things.