Wireless Gloves That Controls a Robot by Moving Your Fingers

we have a made a robot is controlled wirelessly using our fingers to drive it .. we used two arduino kits .. one on our hand .. and one on the robot .. we used flexible sensors on our fingers .. flexible sensors is something like a variable resistance .. when u close ur finger its value increase so the volt on it increase .. we then take the voltage reading on each resistance and give it to an analog pin on the arduino kit that is on our hand .. this arduino kit is connected to the other one using a wireless module .. when a voltage reading on any sensor enters the range that u wrote in the code .. the arduino sends a certain letter to the other arduino kit on the robot ... then when the arduino kit on the robot receives this certain letter it gives a voltage on a certain pin .. we take a jumper from this pin and connect it to a motor .. we control the movement of wheels by writing the code and choosing which finger moves which wheel ..

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Step 1: Flexible Sensors

get five flexible sensors as that in the photo and stick one sensor on every finger

Step 2: Arduino on the Gloves

connect the flexible sensors to a pcb that helps u to take from it the voltage value on each flexible sensor .. and then take the voltage reading of each sensors and connect it to an analog input pin in the arduino .. then write the code on your arduino so that when the volt on sensor no. 3 as an example is higher than a certain range so send letter h to the other arduino on the robot .. this means that when you close your finger that carry the flexible sensor number 3 .. the arduino on the robot will receive letter h .. then write a letter that will be sent for every finger when it is closed ..

Step 3: Wireless Module

we will send these letters from the arduino on the gloves to the arduino on the robot using wireless module as that in the photo .. you can use a bluetooth module also

Step 4: Arduino on the Gloves

we will use another arduino that will receive the letters .. you have to a write in the code in this arduino .. if it recieves letter h as an example .. so let digitalWrite ( 8 , HIGH ) .. and take a jumper from pin eight to an H-bridge pcb .. that will be connected to the motor of the right wheel as an example .. so when the arduino on the robot receives letter h .. the right wheel moves forward .. when it receives another letter u have sent from the arduino on the gloves .. it will give voltage on another pin that makes another wheel moves reverse or forward as u wish ..

Step 5: Questions

u can contact me for any questions .. ahmdsamy94@gmail.com

i will add another video soon to let the project be more clear and easy ..

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