Robot Friend

This is a knitted robot friend slightly modified from Jess Hutchinson's robot pattern from her out-of-print booklet Unusual Toys For You To Knit and Enjoy. I miniaturized it by using finer yarn than the pattern called for. I also substituted a little pouch in the robot's front instead of the original colorwork of the pattern.
I used scraps of fingering-weight wool/nylon blend yarn and US size 1 needles. The body was knitted flat and seamed together as the pattern specified but I worked the arms in the round.
The finished robot helps keep track of my camera's extra SD card. It also helps me find my lost remote controls. It has a heart on a necklace that it sometimes wears. It is a good friend.

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    I just love anything robots! I will have to try my wood letter knitters to make the arms and legs and smaller make some sort of creature to lay upon my pillow...