Seeedstudio Office Gnome

Introduction: Seeedstudio Office Gnome

This Instructable will show you how to make a Office Gnome.This idea is Smart and wireless to control office equipment,and smart detection office dnvironment.I will show you to make a part of the Office Gnome.You can add the other idea to it.For example,temperature detection,smoke detection,humidity detection and so on.
--A Smart Curtain and Noise notifier
These are simple applications of our products and the most important parts are our Seeeduino and electronic bricks.

Step 1: Parts List

Prepare for required materials:
Seeeduino v2.2 is main platform; L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver is used to drive the motor; electronic brick shield V4 is used as extension board;
Electronic brick family: microphone brick, light sensor brick, LED brick, Buzzer brick;
A motoruniversal remote controlremote control receiverpower supply.
1* Seeeduino v2.2
1* L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
1*electronic brick shield V4
1*microphone with amplifier
1*light sensor
1*Lighting Emitting Diode
1* motor
1* remote control radio receiver
1* universal remote control

Step 2: Make the Smart Curtain

Step1: Make a mechanical device to pull the curtain
Here we use a high-torque motor and a gear to pull the curtain. The motor is fixed in a white box as the photo below shows.

Step2: Use L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver to drive motor
The three signal inputs of the L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver are EA, I1 and I2. EA is connected to the PWM interfaces to control the speed and I1, I2 are connected to digital interfaces on the Seeeduino v2.2 to set steering direction.
We connect EA to Seeeduino 's PWM interfaces and connect I1, I2 to Seeeduino 's digital interface.
So we can determinate the steering direction and the speed of motor.

Step3: IR remote control for the smart curtain
We use a cute Remote control radio transmitter to send remote control signal, RPM6938 IC receives the IR signal and give the data to Seeeduino v2.2. Seeeduino v2.2 will decode the data so that the MCU can recognize which key we have pressed.
Data output of RPM6938 is connected with pin2 of Seeeduino v2.2.

Remote control radio transmitter
(We only have to set 3 key: down, up and stop.)

Step5: add a light sensor to control curtain
Light sensor brick is used to detect the intensity of environmental light. This brick is based on a photoresistor and outputs analog signal. We have to select a value as the criterion value. If the intensity of light achieves a certain value, which means now it is daytime the curtain pulls up automatic. And when the intensity of light falls down to a certain value, it closes automatic.
And sometimes the sunshine can be dazzlingly bright. In this case we can use the IR remote control to close the curtain.
The light sensor brick is connected with analog pin2 of Seeeduino v2.2.

Step 3: Make the Noise Notifier

Step1: Noise notifier
The sound sensing brick includes a high sensible microphone and onboard Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier. Sensitivity can be adjustable by VR1 potienmeter. Seeeduino v2.2 receives the digital signal of collected sound from the sound sensing brick and controls a Buzzer Electronic brick. We can set a value as default sound value. If the collected sound signal is bigger than the default sound value, the Buzzer Electronic brick will start to work.
The sound sensing brick is connected with analog pin1 of Seeeduino v2.2.

Step2: Alarm Modules
LED and buzzer electric bricks are used here.
LED flashes and the buzzer goes off when people are talking too loud.
The Buzzer Electronic brick is connected with digital pin 4 of Seeeduino v2.2.
The led Electronic brick is connected with digital pin5 of Seeeduino v2.2.

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