Simple, Low Cost, Compact, Open Source Extruder. ATOM 3D Printers

with only three simple steps you can make your own new extruder.

we are trying to make our tutorials simple and easy, so please if you found any information were missed kindly inform us.

you can contact us on our facebook page

find the latest updated version here

Step 1: Prepare Your Bill of Materials

Step 2: Cut Your 3-mm Plywood Main Parts

Step 3: Follow the Assembly Instruction

Step 4: About Heating Block and Nozzle

-For the heating block you can use a piece of aluminum scrap and cut it to 20mm*20mm*10mm.

-For the threaded pipe and nozzle you can use M6 brass bolt.

-You can find autocad-inventor files for dimensions and review.

Step 5: Follow Us on Our Facebook Page for More



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    6 Discussions

    reaktor24rATOM 3Dprinters

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hello how do I get the marse from d3 printer extruder sperholtz the marse


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Your project is awesome!!


    Can you publish your DWG files as DWT, or DWG version 2008?


    2 replies

    you can find the .dxf file with the latest extruder update here