Slouchy Sequins Tank Shopping Tote




Introduction: Slouchy Sequins Tank Shopping Tote

This black sequin front tank top was a .99c deal from a local thrift store. It had original tags from banana republic, and you can guess what they read. It was a little large for myself or my sister, but the shape of it from my side glance made me think of a stylish reusable tote I might feel right taking with me for some light clothes shopping. The sequins made it an irresistible project, along with the simplicity of required modifications.

Especially fitting for the extra wide arm-holed and deep-cut tanks in style for pool and beach wear, and particularly if you want to do some layering and/or twisting of different colored varieties in the thinner fabrics.

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Step 1: For This Example Style, Cut Across the Top of Each Strap.

Because we want the sequined front of the tank to become the sequined front of the bag, we need to switch the two front-facing straps so that they are attached to one another. Machine or hand stitch to your content, reinforcing with ribbon or other handle support material as you wish. You may want to take this approach to the handles for most tanks, keeping the seams on either side of the bag. You can, however, just rotate along the axis and prep the tank so that the straps' stretch from front to back is oriented side to side, for when you stitch the botton.

Step 2: Stitch the Bottom Closed

I turned it inside out for this step, to keep the seam tucked inside. You can stitch straight across, or maybe embroider a pattern display to become part of its look.

Back stitching at both ends and also intermittently is a good reinforcement. I also used nylon thread.

Step 3: Options to Stylize

The tank I use here was not particularly deep cut, and so, as a bag it really fits better held in your clutches or up at your forearm or elbow, like you see with any shorter strap bag. Depending on the starting material, you could always deepen the straps todip lower into the bag and leave you with more shoulder room. With the sequins already so perfect, I did not want to cut into them or re-hem any of that arrangement. But there are plenty of materials where a straight hem, roll up, addition of bias tape or lacey or other ornamental trim would be a charming detail.

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