Soda Can Crossbow





Introduction: Soda Can Crossbow

this is a miniature crossbow built with just 1 soda can and a pair of scissors

Step 1: Cutting

when you begin to cut poke a hole in the can to allow your scissors to cut off the top and bottom if you bend it to cut this will comprise the integrity of the crossbow in the later stages. and make sure that you clean out your cans first or youll get coke on your stuff.

Step 2: Cut Off Top

be careful not to cut yourself. Just throw away the top and then cut vertically to the bottom like the picture then cut off the bottom also.

Step 3: Cut of the Edges

unroll whats left of the can and cut off the jagged edges and then trow them away

Step 4: Making Shaft

first cut vertically a piece the size of the one shown. then fold each to the middle as shown and the fold in half with the edges going to the inside.

Step 5: Making the Shooty Thingy Part

first cut a piece off that is about 1 and a half finger widths wide and then bend it a little but do not make a crease in it just bend it back a little to where it was before you unrolled it. then make a horizontal hole a little above the horizontal center but right on the vertical center.

Step 6: Attaching the Shaft to the Shooty Offer Thingy

flatten the tip of the shaft so it can fit. then fold over the end to lock it into place

Step 7: Making the Bowstring

begin by cutting a horizonal piece that is a little longer than the large flat piece you just installed. then push it into the holes you just made and fold it over to lock them into place.

Step 8: Installing Trigger and Handle

first cut the pieces as shown and then fold them in half and places that are shown for the handle place it in the middle of the folds on the side of the shaft and for the trigger place it in the top circle that you see out of the three on the back

Step 9: How to Shoot

well its pretty simple just place the string on the top of the trigger then hold the handle with ond and pull back the trigger with the other. also I made some arrowsw out of the left over pieces from the can.



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    18 Discussions

    Gah! Confusing, I simply could not build it with your instructions. Complete rubish, try to make another "ible" with more detailed and documented instructions. 1/2*

    i read about this instuctable on The Crazy Cool Can-Cup (Aka; how to turn a pop can into a cup) :D

    The instructions left me confused, finished it, but it will only hit something like flyingmerlin said, if I hurl the whole thing at something.

    tried to do this but all i got was abstract art. The only way I'll hit anything with this is if I hurl the whole thing at something. And now I have cuts all over my hands. GAAAAAA ....

    It looks amazing but I'm not the best at making things and I can't figger out the instructions. Please help!

    2 replies

    umm well to sum it up quickly you pretty much cut a rectangle out about a little longer than your forefinger and about as wide as your thumb is long. fold that into a long thin triangle and cut out another piece almost the same size .... you should probably experiment with the dimensions... kinda squish one end of the shaft or long thin triangle piece and poke a hole in the second rectangle that isn't folded and push the flattened tip of the shaft through it then poke two more holes in the sides of the unfolded piece and make something into a string for it, weather it be a leftover part of the can or some floss, its your choice... i hope this helps ... but it probably doesnt i dont know, good luck though

    haha this is so neat! me and my friend are going to make a few. look for our instructable .. COMING SOON!

    Lol this is so funny. You're using a caffeine free coca-cola for your crossbow, and that's exactly what I'm drinking right now!

    I was actually able to create this lil thing, it was awesome and I actually got mine to shoot about 10 feet, but it took me longer to try and read your instructions and descipher what I was looking at in the pictures than it actually took me to create it. The pictures were helpful, but try using punctuation and numbering items in your pictures. Using one sentence to try and explain multiple steps just doesn't work.

    i could just about understand what you said but try adding sentences, i don't mean to patronise but it can change the scripts meaning to how you want. And not leave everyone else wondering what your talking about. Don't go on at me for using and at the beginning of a senetence as many of the greatest authors have done so, e.g. Charles Dickens

    dang it.. i reaaly REALLY want to make that, but im unable to understand most of your instructions, can you or some1 else please explain better..

    i am glad u have pictures i didn't understand anney thing u wrote

    NICE! can you hunt animals with it? I have something to kill.... And I have lots of empty beer cans.

    That's rather clever. Is it all your own design? Just one niggle; the photos. Could you re-do them, using the macro function?

    1 reply

    yes it is all mine that i know of i was just playing with some cans when i thought of it and i might try and retake the pictures but my camera is a little messed up