Squishy Circuits

Introduction: Squishy Circuits

this is how you make circuits with play dough

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Step 1: Conductive Play Dough

To make the conductive you need 1 cup Water1 1/2 cups Flour1/4 cup Salt3 Tbsp. Cream of Tartar*1 Tbsp. Vegetable OilFood Coloring,and you will need to make it in a pot over stove top at medium temp.

Step 2: Non-Conductive Play Dough

To make non conductive you need 1 1/2 cup Flour1/2 cup Sugar3 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil1/2, 1cup distilled Water, for this you only need a bowl to mix them. add more water and flour for desired texture.

Step 3: Jesse's Turtle

this is jesses turtle and it dose work. what we did was was use both play doughs so it would turn on the led's. we connected the led's to the top play dough and the bottom play dough so it would conduct. and to make the energy we used a hand cranked power source and we stuck it to the back of the turtle

Step 4: Colin

this is colin's Bridge you connect the sides and make the led's like over lights.

Step 5: Tony

this is tony's whoopee pie it also works. you connect the led's to top bun and the bottom bun to light it up

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    3 years ago

    its cool jesse my brother said eww that's weird but I think it is amazing awesome idea post more things like it